Monday, 3 December 2012

While I think about it... Revived? or just another Zombie-

So yeah-
My Laptop, previously dead in the water has come back to life, despite the fact the Anti-Virus was completly defunct, that too has come back into activity as if nothing ever happened. Now at this point I don't know wether to be happy or cautious. Use it or stay away? That's where I need the opinions of others.

I know there is still the underlying hardware problem with the damaged memory, which is what keeps causing all these weried behaviours, but it was working the last time it was used- by my mother. So either that machine is silently mocking me, or it is a zombie that is infact very ill and just hiding that under a false mask. (There are viruses that can do that.)

Saber Reviews Armada Thundercracker

OK, this is my first attempt at this and I was passing the time. But It's evidently not the right style for me. But hey.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Podcast 1-We Fail at Schedules

we need suggestions for names. Leave ideas in comment, there are no stupid ideas Episode 1-We Fail at Schedules

first attempt at this. Let us know if something went wrong

Saber Edit: Removed broken link for now.
Ranger Edit: Try this new link. It's a direct download now

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Merry Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. The day for stuffing your face with food and sleeping it off.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

for the sake of it

Yay, a post with no content.... defeat the point of a post why don't you.
But no...
Progress on the wirting is going well. I've now worked out that my end of the story will need to be split into to parts, with Ranger helping with the working out of the latter of the two.
I also have an A2 sketch book which I intend to draw some scenes into. Just because I can. I will also give me an idea as to what should be happening whitin the story segments themselve to result in the hand drawn scenes.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Discussion in a car

I got nothing else to bring up but I guess this does count as a status update from my end.
Discussing my laptop in the car I suggest the fact that my issues may be the result of an underlying hardware failure, which would make sense. The component in question is the RAM of the machine which has quite simply been put under more stress than it was made for as it's just a bog standard low end stick in the Dell inspiron, where as I require something that has more power behind it, the problem there is that I can only do this with getting a new machine as upgrading laptops is not easily done. This present another problem. Try buying a new system that has win 7 on it. I can only find '8' and that is not something to be boasting about.
The Backend of the OS may be strengthened but the part the user see is HORRIBLE!
That said an ew system is probably easier (and cheaper) than trying to upgrade what I currently have. Just it shouln't have gotten this slow in just 3 years.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

One step foreward and two behind

Using my pocket/hand device I'm successfully writing bit by bit, but I have an issue because my laptop's antivirus is corrupted. not infected but rather incomplete following a failed update so I ned to fix that if I can overwrite the exsisting, damaged files/folders, otherwise it's going to have to be a new machine entirely, I'm getting slow anyway and upgrading laptop hardware isn't easy as it's very parts specific.
Parts aren't as interchangable as in a desktop since the parts are designed for the compact space.
Limited on the subject, my knolegde may be but that's why I am on an IT Technician course after all. To learn.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

 hey guys, it's the moderator here wishing all of you all over the world a happy halloween. It's a great day and scaring your friends irl is alays fun. But remember, stay safe, a lot of things can happen tonight and we here at Sabercomics do not want to see anyone get hurt. So go out, get candy, and have fun

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Week off

So with an entire week now free to do what I want, how should I fill it? Well I've got some drafts of random scenes written out, no sequncal order though, and I also have character designs on paper but not build in plastic form. So aside from playing on the Hawknet Minecraft servers I guess that means this week will be sorting out what I currently have written, filling in some gaps as the ideas come to me, and also character building. In the physical sense, not the theoretical/written bio context.

Even though Bios will come into it. Need to work out personalities, age of character is irrelivent.

The building stages, I still have the Eximus Armour from the last comic intact, and intend to use it in the early parts of this new comic only. There is also the Nukemhell Armour although I'm currently in discussion with someone about that, wondering wether to redesiagn or keep as is, mainly becuse the core body it is for does not support that kind of wieght on it's back.

For the story itself, the prolouge will be the ending of a p[revious work I started on but never got to complete it, and now am unlikly to get that chance back. Some names will be switched and to go with the story of this new comic, some models and their hosts will not appear at all. But it will give me the chance to finally show the true form of my previous main villain, Nova Prime. Ending of that battle will be different to that originally planned. By doing this I get my instant crisis something that can always be there, even if only in the background and getting little to no attention. But whatever the case, that threat will always be there untill it is resolved.
And that, my friends, gives me the base plot that all my internal arcs can base off and brance from, even those that have seemingly no relevence.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A new member joins the Sabercomics team

Hello people, I am Ranger Silver 6.
Saber here has decided to bring me on here to assist in moderating this blog, as you can see here I can also leave posts as necessary. I can be strict when I need to be, but I'm not a mean person. Just don't say something messed up/insulting/racist/whatever and we won't have any problems.

To put it simply don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.

That said, we do accept and respect constructive critisism.

Please enjoy your stay.

Main protagonist is not the same as before.

Well since the MK.1 Saber body from the last comic will be in use again and it is basically just a Hordika Nokama with non of the original limbs. That character will this time be female and won't be salled 'Saber', but instead called 'Sabe'

As for the second Saber, that will be the MK.2 Body (visible in first post) but without flight capabilites. That is the same Saber from the previous comic which I have now made publicy availible on Photobucket (Using an adblocker is reccomended)
This time the MK.2 Will be reffed to as 'Saber Relicuum.'

Relicuum is a Latin word meaning Remnant or Mortal Remains but can also be used in the context of 'future' which will work quite well from my perspective.

My only problem now is how do I explain why the one version of Saber is male but the new Dimensional version is a female, using a body which was male last time.

I also have two working titles in mind.
'Relicuum Futúrus' (actaul required accent not availible on keyboard)

[EDIT: Altered title to avoid unwanted traffic.]

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

To the side...

If you see an advert off to the side in coming weeks it's a favour I'm doing for my sort of Minecraft boss. Though I will make it clear now that I have no affilation with his company, we just no each other. Also I won't be killing them becuase their not Google. :lol:

*Needs smiles

I could have posted this on Twitter. It would have linked here anyway.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


So OK, I've decided that Season 1 (and possibly part of season 2) of the reboot will feature 2 Saber's both the MK.1 and the MK.2 (land only) Bodies. What could this enigma possibly mean? What does fate have in store? Not even I know that yet, I'm still writing it. Although I do have ideas and I know how I want Season 1 (OR rather it would be more apt to call it part 1) end. Basically I've got a story line in mid tht's in two distinctly sperate parts, much like the first attempt but the storyline in question will be completly different.
Or so he says. >.>

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Down on Paper

I have very clear ideas as to what I want to do in terms of storyline for the main crisis but when I go to write it down or type it I go blank. awkward really as whenever I'm not doing that I know exactly what I want. However I do have a debut date in mind assuming that nothing goes critically wrong in the mean time. Which it shouldn't considering how long it took me to fix previous issues but the unfortunate side is you never can be too sure. >.>

Monday, 1 October 2012

After TFW (Planning a reboot)

Shit happened and now I'm locked out of the site. I'm not banned or anything but I can't access my account. And I can't recover my password either. The downsides of NoScript means that all site scripts are blocked except the ones I allow, and I'm not willing to allow TFW to run it's scripts since I got a Java mal attack via their servers. This happened during comic-con BTW. Due to circumstances though, depite now having all my systems working as I'd like them to, I am unable to carry on where my previous comic left off.

Which leads me to this, here and now. I've started work on a new comic that will use some of the same MOC designs as my last attempt but all of the MOCs will have different names compared to last time. And some will likly get an overhual completly. One thing I will note os that two figures will definatly be returning from the previous comic. Bear in mind the following Bios will not apply in the reboot but it does prove who I am. These pictures although old are in a private folder and although visble on the net only I can access them from whenever I like.
The MK.2 will be a MK.1 in the reboot and will not have wings. I've decided that the body looks better without them.

 The MK.2 will be a MK.1 in the reboot and will not have wings. I've decided that the body looks better without them.

The second returning character who only appeared briefly in the previous attempt was a Japanese toy from the Bosou Shinki Line. In particuler the only one I own being Wave 2 MMS TYPE DOG Howling.
Howling will have a new personality this time but still don't expect her to be in it immediatly. trying to introduce her always causes me problems.

So that's where I stand. I've got ideas for a reboot since I'm out of options and now I just need to get used to Blogger's new format. As for adverts if I see a single advert on my blog EVER! I am going to throttle Google.

Lastly I will note that I will carrying on the serious direction my last attempt went in, I'll try and fit in a gag or two if I can but that's all I'll do in the funny department.Once I've got everything up and running I may or may not delete this post. I haven't quite decided yet. Neither am I fully convinced as to what layout/format the blog itself will be.

Untill I work out all the kinks-