Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Week off

So with an entire week now free to do what I want, how should I fill it? Well I've got some drafts of random scenes written out, no sequncal order though, and I also have character designs on paper but not build in plastic form. So aside from playing on the Hawknet Minecraft servers I guess that means this week will be sorting out what I currently have written, filling in some gaps as the ideas come to me, and also character building. In the physical sense, not the theoretical/written bio context.

Even though Bios will come into it. Need to work out personalities, age of character is irrelivent.

The building stages, I still have the Eximus Armour from the last comic intact, and intend to use it in the early parts of this new comic only. There is also the Nukemhell Armour although I'm currently in discussion with someone about that, wondering wether to redesiagn or keep as is, mainly becuse the core body it is for does not support that kind of wieght on it's back.

For the story itself, the prolouge will be the ending of a p[revious work I started on but never got to complete it, and now am unlikly to get that chance back. Some names will be switched and to go with the story of this new comic, some models and their hosts will not appear at all. But it will give me the chance to finally show the true form of my previous main villain, Nova Prime. Ending of that battle will be different to that originally planned. By doing this I get my instant crisis something that can always be there, even if only in the background and getting little to no attention. But whatever the case, that threat will always be there untill it is resolved.
And that, my friends, gives me the base plot that all my internal arcs can base off and brance from, even those that have seemingly no relevence.


  1. Hey, it's Shatterpoint from TFW. RS6 relayed the message about your comic.

    Really missed your stuff man, and looking forward to your comic's return. :)

  2. Hey, it's starfire22 from TFW, and I too got the message from RS6 about this blog.

    I miss your comics, and I can't wait for them to return. (Even if it's not on TFW)