Monday, 1 October 2012

After TFW (Planning a reboot)

Shit happened and now I'm locked out of the site. I'm not banned or anything but I can't access my account. And I can't recover my password either. The downsides of NoScript means that all site scripts are blocked except the ones I allow, and I'm not willing to allow TFW to run it's scripts since I got a Java mal attack via their servers. This happened during comic-con BTW. Due to circumstances though, depite now having all my systems working as I'd like them to, I am unable to carry on where my previous comic left off.

Which leads me to this, here and now. I've started work on a new comic that will use some of the same MOC designs as my last attempt but all of the MOCs will have different names compared to last time. And some will likly get an overhual completly. One thing I will note os that two figures will definatly be returning from the previous comic. Bear in mind the following Bios will not apply in the reboot but it does prove who I am. These pictures although old are in a private folder and although visble on the net only I can access them from whenever I like.
The MK.2 will be a MK.1 in the reboot and will not have wings. I've decided that the body looks better without them.

 The MK.2 will be a MK.1 in the reboot and will not have wings. I've decided that the body looks better without them.

The second returning character who only appeared briefly in the previous attempt was a Japanese toy from the Bosou Shinki Line. In particuler the only one I own being Wave 2 MMS TYPE DOG Howling.
Howling will have a new personality this time but still don't expect her to be in it immediatly. trying to introduce her always causes me problems.

So that's where I stand. I've got ideas for a reboot since I'm out of options and now I just need to get used to Blogger's new format. As for adverts if I see a single advert on my blog EVER! I am going to throttle Google.

Lastly I will note that I will carrying on the serious direction my last attempt went in, I'll try and fit in a gag or two if I can but that's all I'll do in the funny department.Once I've got everything up and running I may or may not delete this post. I haven't quite decided yet. Neither am I fully convinced as to what layout/format the blog itself will be.

Untill I work out all the kinks-

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