Saturday, 20 October 2012

Main protagonist is not the same as before.

Well since the MK.1 Saber body from the last comic will be in use again and it is basically just a Hordika Nokama with non of the original limbs. That character will this time be female and won't be salled 'Saber', but instead called 'Sabe'

As for the second Saber, that will be the MK.2 Body (visible in first post) but without flight capabilites. That is the same Saber from the previous comic which I have now made publicy availible on Photobucket (Using an adblocker is reccomended)
This time the MK.2 Will be reffed to as 'Saber Relicuum.'

Relicuum is a Latin word meaning Remnant or Mortal Remains but can also be used in the context of 'future' which will work quite well from my perspective.

My only problem now is how do I explain why the one version of Saber is male but the new Dimensional version is a female, using a body which was male last time.

I also have two working titles in mind.
'Relicuum Futúrus' (actaul required accent not availible on keyboard)

[EDIT: Altered title to avoid unwanted traffic.]