Monday, 26 November 2012

Podcast 1-We Fail at Schedules

we need suggestions for names. Leave ideas in comment, there are no stupid ideas Episode 1-We Fail at Schedules

first attempt at this. Let us know if something went wrong

Saber Edit: Removed broken link for now.
Ranger Edit: Try this new link. It's a direct download now

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Merry Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. The day for stuffing your face with food and sleeping it off.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

for the sake of it

Yay, a post with no content.... defeat the point of a post why don't you.
But no...
Progress on the wirting is going well. I've now worked out that my end of the story will need to be split into to parts, with Ranger helping with the working out of the latter of the two.
I also have an A2 sketch book which I intend to draw some scenes into. Just because I can. I will also give me an idea as to what should be happening whitin the story segments themselve to result in the hand drawn scenes.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Discussion in a car

I got nothing else to bring up but I guess this does count as a status update from my end.
Discussing my laptop in the car I suggest the fact that my issues may be the result of an underlying hardware failure, which would make sense. The component in question is the RAM of the machine which has quite simply been put under more stress than it was made for as it's just a bog standard low end stick in the Dell inspiron, where as I require something that has more power behind it, the problem there is that I can only do this with getting a new machine as upgrading laptops is not easily done. This present another problem. Try buying a new system that has win 7 on it. I can only find '8' and that is not something to be boasting about.
The Backend of the OS may be strengthened but the part the user see is HORRIBLE!
That said an ew system is probably easier (and cheaper) than trying to upgrade what I currently have. Just it shouln't have gotten this slow in just 3 years.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

One step foreward and two behind

Using my pocket/hand device I'm successfully writing bit by bit, but I have an issue because my laptop's antivirus is corrupted. not infected but rather incomplete following a failed update so I ned to fix that if I can overwrite the exsisting, damaged files/folders, otherwise it's going to have to be a new machine entirely, I'm getting slow anyway and upgrading laptop hardware isn't easy as it's very parts specific.
Parts aren't as interchangable as in a desktop since the parts are designed for the compact space.
Limited on the subject, my knolegde may be but that's why I am on an IT Technician course after all. To learn.