Monday, 3 December 2012

While I think about it... Revived? or just another Zombie-

So yeah-
My Laptop, previously dead in the water has come back to life, despite the fact the Anti-Virus was completly defunct, that too has come back into activity as if nothing ever happened. Now at this point I don't know wether to be happy or cautious. Use it or stay away? That's where I need the opinions of others.

I know there is still the underlying hardware problem with the damaged memory, which is what keeps causing all these weried behaviours, but it was working the last time it was used- by my mother. So either that machine is silently mocking me, or it is a zombie that is infact very ill and just hiding that under a false mask. (There are viruses that can do that.)

Saber Reviews Armada Thundercracker

OK, this is my first attempt at this and I was passing the time. But It's evidently not the right style for me. But hey.