Monday, 21 January 2013

That guy in red...

Sums it all up really.


This is because I wsa looking trhough my older comic and noticed in this panel than UM84 look pretty annoyed and p***ed off that after that effort they still aren't done. Abit like me at the moment really. it's the 21st of jan and a SNOW DAY off from college and I need to get my buttshifted- just I can't shoot the prolouge using the Eximus armour (yes, I've been lazy and haven't done any work towards this yet OK?) as my brother saw it's parts stewn across the table and presumed them scrap so build his own MOC, or atleast started on one. So that means my reson for justifying the survival of the prolouge needs re-writing at this late stage. RANGER! WE NEED TO TALK. D:
I swear I'm becoming more and more of a twitter junkie though. >.>
I discuss all my plans on there and some things get finalized through those discussions I also post images of characters and spoilers of what is already finalized but due to how my profile is set up, on purpose I may add, I have to authorize followers.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well, Welcome to 2013 folks.
To inform you all I have now got a solid platform from which I can start shooting even though the plot still has several holes, I do belive I can improvise the missing spaces. Also I DID manage to get on TFW for the space of about 5 mins before the mobile device I was using crashed out from info overload. I will try on an Xbox360 though. I'm determoned to get my account working again, even if I can't do so from a computer.

Going back to the subject of shooting though. Now I just need to be bothered enough to trust the Dell. Or I can shoot everything using snapbucket then download to the more powerful Main PC then re-uplad the finised edit. I also have contacts whom I can work through to get the comic on the TFW site if need be.

Yes FaFire, I'm accepting your offer of help.

Saber, Out.